2014-03-11 11:30
We have soon been here in Florida for two weeks now and we have such a great time! The first seminar started the day after we arrived and we have had seminars every day but two, those two days we spend paddling kayak. I think kayak paddling is my new favourite activity, especially among thousands of alligators!  Today is the last seminar day and that's sad... The seminars have been so fun! I'm enjoying every single day and every single team. I really have the best job in the world! We have had several days with tricky, advanced courses, some novice days and a puppy day. Each day has been...
2014-02-21 15:30
  Miss Lilli - RC addicted :) Photo: Martin Preissner Our Running Contacts - a summary in text and video I don’t have my own method, I was not the first who trained running contacts and I have not much experience of training running contacts. But I have got many questions how we trained with Lilli, what method we used and also if I give lessons or seminars in RC. No, I don’t give seminars and I don’t really teach about RC. I can tell about my experiences and I can guide my students a bit if they want, without any thoughts about calling myself an expert. But as I’m totally in love with...
2014-02-14 00:15
First a reminder: Now the course registration for the Summer Camps is open!  Me and Lilli have just arrived in Sweden from a little tour in Europe! We started in Germany and continued to Italy and we had an absolutely great time!  The first stop were in Oldenburg and a company called Dog Coaches. They have a really nice concept with online training with different coaches around the world. So they taped a two day seminar plus some other of my training and will create online training with the material. They were really proffessional, had lots of good ideas and we had...
2013-12-24 08:30
  Ester, Zaa, Ogin, Elvis & me out on a rainy Christmas walk! We have a rainy and green Christmas this year. We didn't have either snow or time to make a Christmas movie this year, but we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays with this greeting card! I also post last year's video with alot of snow and Christmas spirit! :)    Recycling the X-mas video from 2012 ;)    


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