2015-08-25 22:15
Finally a blog post again. This spring has just been crazy with travels, sick dogs and troubles in my private life. So, neither energy or time for writing. One big issue has been Elvis. He has been sick several times and it has been several serious things and I thought he would die a couple of times. But he's strong, my little man! And right now he's healthy and happy! Training, swimming, playing and it really feels like he's enjoying life. I love that dog so much. I can spend a whole day with just watching him and loving him!               ...
2015-04-02 00:00
  SUMMER CAMPS 2015 - Registration forms are open! You will find it under Education/Utbildning Welcome to the 6th edition of Zeljko Gora's and my Summer Camps, in cooperation with Lotushallen and Anita Johanson.  We are looking forward to another week together with crazy agility people, dogs and of course; lot of agility training!  Registration is binding but you are not guaranteed a spot when you have send in the registration form. You will get an email latest April 15 if you will get a place or not. If you are flexible about the two different dates, write it in the...
2015-03-21 09:15
  Lilli giving everything at Crufts! Photo: Ian Watts Lilli and I qualified to the international agility competition at Crufts by winning the Swedish tryouts last year. I know by experience that it is a tricky, complicated, time consuming and expensive trip, but I also know it's A LOT of fun and really exciting to be there and to compete at the big Arena! So we were very happy to qualify and was so much looking forward to run Lilli there.  It was some years ago we were there now and once we came there I just wanted to run! I don't know who was the most unpatient, me or...
2015-03-20 20:45
  This is a little bit late news, but I have forgot to post this video on my blog... After Lilli's second year of trials, Lilli achieved for the second time, the Swedish agility dog of the year! I made a video about her fantastic year. Lots of nice memories, what a dog we have!      Miss Lilli's year 2014


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