2013-08-26 07:15
Lilli won agility 3 and got her 2nd certificate! Photo: Ingemar JohanssonOgin got a second place after Lilli! Photo: Mette BjörneOur club, Hässleholm HU, had a competition this weekend. It was nice weather, fun courses, good team-work in the club among the helpers and in the end good results! On Saturday the margin was not on my side at all. Had many good runs but only one result with Ogin, there was a small mistake in almost every run. But the courses, by Bonnik Berthelsen and Nils Lindqvist, were really challengin and fun, so I enjoyed the day anyway! And again Lilli had perfect running...
2013-08-13 12:30
I have already been writing about this in a previous blog post. But I read a discussion about it in facebook and it worth to be posted again. The text is a bit updated and pictures/course maps are added. In the team agility course on Friday it was a totally stupid entry to the chute. Sometimes I really don't understand how judges think when they design a course. It has happend several times in competitions this spring (even for class 1 and 2!!), that the only challenge of the design is how the dog should manage the situation, without getting injured or falling off the obstacles...! For the...
2013-08-10 07:15
The text will follow in English!Den 29 augusti anordnar GMBK en "FUCK CANCER"-agilitytävling!Tävlingen är till förmån för föreningen Ung Cancer och jag tycker att det är ett fantastiskt bra initiativ! Det finns alldeles för många i vår närhet som drabbas av cancer och det känns bra att kunna göra något. Tyvärr kan jag inte själv vara med och tävla men jag har sponsrat tävlingen med flera presentkort som priser! Ta tillfället i akt att tävla både för dig, din hund och för Ung Cancer!!Det är ett KM men du kan även delta i tävlingen utan att vara medlem, läs mer på:
2013-08-06 16:15
Our European tour has almost come to it's end. We are on our way home after a three weeks long trip. It almost feels like several months but it has "only" been three weeks... :)The trip started with me and Lilli missing the train to a seminar in Germany. Again I was guessing time for departure and this time it was in the wrong direction...! But as usually my mistakes ends in a good way and finally we arrived in time, after some extra running and logistic work. With small margins, but who cares... ;) Luckily Lilli is an easy dog that follows me everywhere, with a smile. The seminar was hot,...


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