2017-03-16 15:15
For the 8th year in a row, I have the pleasure to welcome you guys to Zeljko's and my Summer Camps in Sweden! We are really looking forward to this highlight of the year and we hope it will be two fun, educational, nice, relaxing and exciting camps. The goal is that there will be four days full of dog training  and handling of course, but also interesting, nice and fun people from all over the world, great dogs, good food, swimming in the lake, barbeque nights and laughs. What else would you need for the summer?  Welcome!
2016-12-22 07:15
Photo: Joakim Persson From my blog, you can watch the video on iphone, ipad etc!  For the third time Lilli got the title "The Swedish Agility dog of the Year", this after 3,5 years of competing! Lilli is such a clever, silly, fun and talented dog - a very special girl! 
She also won the Swedish qualifications, qualified for Crufts, won the Swedish championship, won Gåsahoppet final and got one silver and one bronze medal at European open. A pretty good year for us :D...
2016-05-04 12:30
The qualifications for the Swedish national team is over. It was one long weekend with eight runs per dog. Last year I was much more tired in the end of the weekend. Ok, I was running "only" two dogs this year. But I think that was not the reason why I felt more energetic and concentrated, it was just a sad part not to have Ina to run... But this year I generally felt much stronger from the beginning, both mentally and physically. I also felt our dogs were strong and in really good shape. I don't know exactly why it felt so good, I guess things around you affects you more than you...
2016-01-29 01:00
Träning för Nettan! Nu kan du boka träning även för Nettan! Hon håller kurser i Lotus Educations regi både i Lotushallen och olika träningscenter i Skåne. Till våren planerar vi även att öppna en filial till Lotus Education utanför Tyringe! Om du är intresserad av träning för Nettan, skicka ett mail till eller via kontaktformuläret, hon svarar inte via facebook messenger eller sms. 


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