2019-03-05 19:00
Ok folks! Registration for Lotus Educations Summer camps together with Zeljko Gora is now open ? ??‍♀️?☀️ Welcome with your registration! Remember to write in the message if you are flexible with the dates. Registration for auditing spots will open later.
2017-05-09 07:30
  Miss Lilli in action! Photo: Frida K-Jansson You can watch the video through my blog, even from your phone, ipad etc. The last weekend we had our Swedish tryouts for European Open, Nordic Championship, FCI world championship and Crufts. It's a long weekend with eight runs. It's always exciting and a little scary at the same time. I have been through so many qualifying systems and since 2000 I have qualified with five different dogs. That's 18 years in a row... I know how small margins it is. I know how easily things can go wrong, even though you have ...
2017-04-28 11:15
Finally, here are the videos from Crufts and from our latest trial in Sweden! You can also watch the videos on smartphones, ipads etc. from my blog.  Crufts was amazing as always. It's such a show with an awesome atmosphere and organisation. Lilli was doing great, three good runs with those short legs on courses with super long distance between the obstacles. There were small misunderstandings here and there and one bad choice from me, but I I was generally really happy about our performance after not been running Lilli since November.  Crufts 2017   The...
2017-03-16 15:15
For the 8th year in a row, I have the pleasure to welcome you guys to Zeljko's and my Summer Camps in Sweden! We are really looking forward to this highlight of the year and we hope it will be two fun, educational, nice, relaxing and exciting camps. The goal is that there will be four days full of dog training  and handling of course, but also interesting, nice and fun people from all over the world, great dogs, good food, swimming in the lake, barbeque nights and laughs. What else would you need for the summer?  Welcome!


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