Kvarkin is Ogins kennel name and Krug comes from a famous champagne. Ogin is an American Indian name and means wild rose. I love flowers and especially suitable I think wild rose was because of his odd color. It is also something magical about Native Americans and their culture and I admire their view of life and relationship with nature in many ways.

Ogin came to Sweden when he was three months old and it was a quite unplanned addition to the flock. Elvis mated Mia Laamanens bitch Aino and Mia had planned to keep a bitch but she could not really leave Ogin so she kept two puppies at first. I had a one-week course in Finland when the pups were around 10 weeks old. I thought it would be fun to see them, but had no plans to take one home. After a week, however, I was sold on the little Ogin and I convinced Mia to let him move back to Sweden. After a lot of paper work for the Department of Agriculture, he finally got an ok to fly to Gothenburg.

Ogin is a nice, social dog with a big heart, joy, energy and willingness to work. Although he has a great willingness to work, he can easily relax. Ogin is easy to train, creative and fun to train. He is a bit different from my other dogs and needs to be pushed on the agility course more than the others. He loves tricks and is probably the one of my dogs who knows most tricks and commands. He is an examined herding dog and now we train at home because we think it's fun. 

Här är en länk till Ogins stamtavla på VALLREG.



Certificated sheepdog



Winner of the breeds championship agility 2011

Swedish National Team 2012