Lotushallen is a pig barn that 2010 became a modern and comfortable indoor hall for dog training. Bosl├Ątts Lantbruk HB is a family company behind Lotushallen. I and my company Lotus Education cooperate with Bosl├Ątts Lantbruk and I help with the hall, but it's Anita and Thommy with family who takes care of everything with the rental, maintenance, etc..
During the winter season I keep all of my training in Lotushallen and then a fee for renting the hall will be added to the training price. 
You can also rent both the hall and outdoor track for your own training. There is a room with a kitchenette for rent in connection to the training center and hall.
During the fall season, we usually organize an unofficial competition in Lotushallen. The show has become a very popular activity during the dark part of the year!

See more at Lotushallens own website!