Lotus got its name because it is a beautiful and powerful flower and also, it is a fast and cool world famous car. Can it get any better? :o)

He became over 15 years old and he still had the glimmer of life to the last day. He was such an amazing and special dog in all way and he is missed every day. Lotus changed my life completely and he became the foundation of my business. He had a long and very exciting life and I have countless of wonderful memories from the year I got with him. Anyone who has ever met Lotus knows what I'm talking about; he was simply one in a million.

Lotus was bred by Gertrude Claesson, who has the small kennel Saltsjöborgs near Gothenburg. Gertrude is a dog physiotherapist and she helped Lotus so he could compete even though he had hip dysplasia. He was born 26 May 1996. I was convinced to take a look at the puppies; actually I had decided to get a Rottweiler. When I met them and their mother, I was sold immediately and the little panda with a blue eye was not a hard choice! ;-) 8 weeks old I picked Lotus up and he got to spend his first four weeks on a sailboat.

Lotus was once-in-a-lifetime-dog. He was 100% willing to work and he was always very strong mentally. He always wanted to do his best and understood every thought. He had a great integrity and dignity and was very social. He was thinking and philosophizing much, in his own way.

Since I had got a sheep dog, I wanted to try herding. I thought it was great fun and after a while we started to trial and Lotus became certificated sheepdog at his first trial. Lotus was my first agility dog, but we started to train obedience and tricks. He got successful and we competed in the highest class. After some time we simply didn’t have time for obedience trials anymore, we both thought herding and agility was more fun and priority it. We started to train agility when he was one year for the instructor, Irene Stjärnås, a talented and skillful dog trainer. She gave us a very good basis and encouraged us throughout our career.

In 1999, we were reserves for the Swedish national agility team on the Nordic Championship in Norway. From 2000 we were in the team, until he was 10 years old. 2001, we won the World Championship Gold individually in Portugal and team gold at Nordic Championship in Stockholm. Spring 2002, we went to Cruft's in England, as the first Swedish team ever and we won the international competition. He became the agility dog of the year and the most popular dog of the year, several years and won competitions around Europe. He was a great competition dog and without my little mistakes, he probably could have been triple world champion - at least.

Lotus was with me on all my adventures over the years. He worked on the nursing home, veterinary clinic, the stables and the school with the children. Everywhere he just fitted perfect in and he was always a benefit to the business. Although Lotus hip dysplasia he competed until he was twelve. After that, he trained on a regular basis at low height, herded and trained tricks until he died over 15 years old. My work to maintain his health was to keep him as active as possible, to make sure he got good food and to always warm up and cool down, before and after exercise.

I miss him every day.

Här är en länk till Lotus stamtavla på VALLREG.




Certificated sheepdog

World Champion 2001

Olympia Bronze 2001

Nordic Championship Gold team 2001

Nordic Championship Gold team 2003

Swedish Championship Silver 2005

Nordic Championship Gold team 2005

Nordic Championship Silver individual 2005

Crufts winner 2002

The Swedish Agility Dog of the year

The most popular dog of the year 









1st price obedience class elite