Lilli is not my dog, but she also owned by my friend Jeanette Johansson. She's bred at the kennel Away to me and Britt Perez. Nettan and me help to train her.

Lilli is a great little dog. She is willing to work and has lots of drive but she can easily concentrate and she has a natural calm in all situations. She’s comfortable in all environments. In town, at airports, with kids, a lot of people, thunderstorms etc.. There's really nothing that worry Lilli much.

She's a nice and natural herding dog. Easy going and with a nice attitude to he sheep. She has no direct problem areas but she’s sometimes a bit too fast and that needs to be trained :o)

In agility and trick training, she has been creative from day one and she has found it easy to concentrate on her tasks. She’s always positive and her motivation never fails. Lilli’s a ingenious little lady and generally an easy-going dog. She is very social and she charms most people she meets ;o).

Miss Lilli is from the talented sheepdog Seemwork Key and the crazy allround dog Sol.


Here's a link to the pedigree on Vallreg.



Lillis started to compete in agility April 2013, in July she was qualified for class 3 in both jumping and agility. She participated in both European Open and Border Collie Classic 2013 and even though she just started to trial she had great results. Lilli qualified for the EO team final and BCC individual final. In BCC she got a 7th place individual and bronze medal in team! 

During her first eight months of trialing she became Swedish agility Champion, Swedish jumping Champion and The Swedish Agility Dog of 2013!