Jack Russells

Jack Russell terriers are actually my favourite breed. I love their temperament, willingness to work, charm, independence, creativity, body structure and look. Frances, who was my first dog, was a jack russell and sooner or later I would like to have a JRT in my pack. At the moment I buy russells to my parents so they at least are in the family! I have chosen not to get a new JRT now because I find it difficult to compete in agility with several height classes, sometimes-different days and often-different rings. It's enough to keep track of three dogs of the same size and class ... :o)

My mother's two Jack Russell terriers are registered in JRTC of GB Sweden. JRTC of GB is a part of the Jack Russell Terrier United World Federation, an organization dedicated to preserving the authentic, working Jack Russell terriers more than 100 years of history. In1995 started the Jack Russell Terrier Club of Great Britain Sweden as a region to the English club. The club also cooperates with the Swedish club, Jack Russell Club of Sweden. Their motto is "Protect, preserve and work the Jack Russell Terrier!"

Four summers in a row, I was the agility instructor at a summer camp for JRTC of GB Sweden. It really was the highlight of the year. Twelve crazy terriers and their owners as crazy, talk about dream job for an instructor!

We have had five Jack Russells in the family, my own Frances, my mothers Olivia and Esther and my fathers Olga and Rocky.

Esther is a magnificent example of the breed and she comes from Kennel Foxbolt.