Ina is not my dog, but is owned by my friend Jeanette Johansson. But I run her in all competitions and train as often as I get the opportunity. Ina's foundation training was done by Nettan and it is also she who still trains her most of the time. We began our cooperation when Nettan was pregnant with her daughter Alice, in 2009. I started to run Ina and Nettan was coaching us at the competitions. It went so well and we both thought it was fun so we continued with this even after the little Alice came into the world.

Ina was born at kennel Natvikens, owned by Maria Augustsson. My own Elvis is Ina’s dad and there are many similarities between father and daughter, Ina has a special place in my heart. We have achieved a lot during the three years we have been competing. In 2010 we qualified for the national team and in the same year we won World Championship gold in team at Agility World Championship in Germany and she was placed 12 individually. So it was a pretty good start for her first World Championship! 2011 we won the national championship, and she also became the agility dog of the year. We've been around and competed in the United States, Denmark, Finland, Norway, England and Italy, and she has become Italian, Finnish, Norwegian and Nordic Champion. In the United States, she won five of the seven classes she participated in.

Ina has been going with me for several travels. We've been around all over the world to compete and hold seminars. She is easy to keep and a faithful companion. Ina is a little diva and doesn’t need many others than herself, me and Nettan around. She is very uninterested in other dogs and the only thing she really likes is her brother Zaa :o). Ina is an incredible dog in every way, really talented, I would say. In both agility and herding, she is a little star. Unfortunately I do not have time to compete as much herding as I want but she is a certificated sheepdog. We train at home regularly and she is a gorgeous little shepherd!

Här är en länk till Inas stamtavla på VALLREG.



World Championship Gold team 2010

Swedish Championship Gold individual 2011

The Swedish Agility dog of the year 2011

Crufts 2010