Frances was born April 23, 1994 on a farm in Sweden. She was named after the grunge band Nirvana’s singer, Kurt Cobain's daughter Frances Bean.

Before I started training dogs, my great interests were horses and guinea pigs. When my guinea pig Norpan died, I didn’t want a new one. For me there was only one Norpan. So I decided to buy a dog instead. It was a Jack Russell Terrier after my cousin's wonderful Scott.

With this little dog I really had to work! It didn’t go exactly as I wanted all the time, but I learned a lot about training terriers. Frances loved to work out, and I managed to teach her lots of tricks, obedience, tracking and agility. Her favourite trick was moonwalk ...:o)

She was really successful in obedience. At least the judges used to get a good laugh. Frances was a special and lovely dog with strong views about life. She didn’t like to freeze or have to wait. If she could not lie in bed under the covers, she wanted to work and vice versa. Waiting was totally impossible for Frances.

I started training agility with Frances when I also started with Lotus. Frances loved agility but because some back problems, we stopped competing after a few years.

September 19, 2008

Today was the last day in the life of my beloved little terrier. It's so unreal and empty; you want them to live forever.

Thanks for all wonderful years we had together, my little Franie. You left so many bright and happy memories, you funny, faithful, special dog!