Elvis is named "Flower Power""Flower Power"just because I love flowers, because he's a little hippie and because he has unlimited power! ElvisElvis is also "The King", charismatic, talented, handsome and… do I need to say more...? He's really mum’s darling and he has, in my opinion ALL qualities a good dog should have. If we could clone dogs, I would definitely clone Elvis!

Elvis was born on 9 May 2001 at a sheep farm in Norway. Ingrid Prytz owns the kennel All Trade. I was waiting for the puppies since All Trade Anne Loppa was mated and when they were five weeks I flew to Norway to visit them and choose a puppy and it was Elvis who went all the way to Sweden a few weeks later.

When I started to look for my second BC, I really wanted a good herding dog. I knew exactly what kind of dog I wanted, and when I heard that Loppa was mated with Bobby Dalziel's Cap, I immediately decided that I wanted a dog from that litter.

Elvis was just the dog I had been looking for. I started training herding when he was 10 months and when he was just over a year; we went up to Ingrid in Norway to attend a course for Bobby. Bobby gave me a very good foundation in herding. In the summer of 2004 we went to Bobby in Scotland to continue the training for him. It was an amazing trip, and neither Elvis nor I wanted to go home to Sweden! Sure, we have some sheep and even nice hills on the farm, but what was that compared to Scotland!?

Here at home we train regularly at my own sheep and we also help farmers around.

He became a certificated sheepdog in his first sheepdog trial and since then we have competed open class and International class. He has 1st prize in the old class name open class.

Elvis is a wonderful dog to work with, whatever we are doing; he has a lovely style with the sheep and an enormous willingness to work. Elvis is a creative dog that always looks at life on the bright side, you get as much fun as you make it!

I started to train agility quite late, when he was about 14 months. Elvis was quite different from Lotus. So with him it was just to come up with new solutions and ideas. We worked hard and over time we became a real team! 2005 Elvis won Dania Cup and qualified for the first year of agility team. The Nordic Championship in Stockholm was his national team debut, and we got gold with the team together with Lotus. Individually we were placed 4th. Because of the Nordic Championship he qualified for Cruft's 2006, which was held in Birmingham in early March. 2006, he also represented the national Nordic and World Championship. On his WC debut in Switzerland, he, along with Ginza and Ia, got a bronze medal with the team!

2007, he was injured during the World Championship but we got payback on the Nordic Championship. We got double gold and therefore we qualified to represent Sweden once again at Crufts. In addition, he became the Swedish Agility dog of the year, second time in a row.

2008 he won the Swedish national championships, he also won both qualifying and final day!

2009, he was once again the agility dog of the year.

2010 he won silver at the Swedish Championships.

Elvis är efter Bobby Dalziel's fantastiska vallhund Cap och All Trade Anne Loppa, världsmästare i lydnad och en suverän vallhund.

Här är en länk till Elvis stamtavla på VALLREG.



Certificated Sheepdog

Dania Cup winner 2005

Nordic Championship Gold team 2005

WC Gold team 2006

Nordic Championship Gold Individual 2007

Nordic Championship Gold team 2007

Swedish Championship Gold 2008

Swedish Championship Silver 2010

The Agility dog of the year