Distance training

Videoanalysis: Lotus Education provides analysis of your training and / or competition. You send me a link to your video you want to get analyzed. I look at them and then give feedback to you with comments and tips on how you can develop your training and improve your competition.

Private distance lessons: You can take private lessons also online. You get a lesson constisting of a course map, text instructions and/or video instructions. Then you video tape your training, upload the video on Youtube, make it unlisted and email the link to me. I watch it and reconnect to you with comments and tips how you can develop and improve. When you feel ready you will get a new lesson with new challenges!


Price list:

Analysis with maximum 2 trial runs  - 400 SEK

Analysis of training video, max 2 mins - 400 SEK

Private distance lesson - 700 SEK

You can buy your analyzis/lesson in the shop. When you have payed for your first analysis you will get an e-mail with further instructions.