2014-02-14 00:15
First a reminder: Now the course registration for the Summer Camps is open!  Me and Lilli have just arrived in Sweden from a little tour in Europe! We started in Germany and continued to Italy and we had an absolutely great time!  The first stop were in Oldenburg and a company called Dog Coaches. They have a really nice concept with online training with different coaches around the world. So they taped a two day seminar plus some other of my training and will create online training with the material. They were really proffessional, had lots of good ideas and we had...
2013-12-24 08:30
  Ester, Zaa, Ogin, Elvis & me out on a rainy Christmas walk! We have a rainy and green Christmas this year. We didn't have either snow or time to make a Christmas movie this year, but we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays with this greeting card! I also post last year's video with alot of snow and Christmas spirit! :)    Recycling the X-mas video from 2012 ;)    
2013-12-17 21:15
The last weekend we had the first of two weekends of WAO qualifications. I have never been to WAO before but this year I was a bit tempted, it seems to be a really fun championship! So, we decided to go to the first part of the tryouts, that was held pretty close to were I live. Usually I don't compete this time of the year because I want both me and the dogs to have some rest, but we made an exception and went there. On Saturday there were three qualification runs for WAO and on Sunday they had arrange an agility festival with the games we are not used with here in Sweden; snooker,...
2013-12-13 10:15
  Kodjo, Emma och Sarah leder Musikhjälpen 2013 Vi håller på att gräva trekammarbrunn här på gården och de grävde av vår telefonkabel, så jag har inte haft något internet här på landet... Men nu är jag back! Musikhjälpen 2013 är i full gång uppe i Göteborg! Ni minns väl att Hundsporten vann fanskampen förra året och samlade in fantastiska dryga 160 000 kr!! Vi leder i år igen över Soran Ismail's Liverpool men än är vi inte i mål och visst ska vi väl kunna slå förra årets summa tills på söndag?! Visst är det viktigt att vinna men bara för att vi redan leder stort ska vi...


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